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About Us

iSTAR Design was established in 2020 as a
client-focused design agency in Brooklyn. We learn your wants, needs, likes, and dislikes and help you gain a deeper understanding of your own brand.
We get your message out there and target the right audiences. Most of all, we provide an enjoyable experience for you and your clients - with no headache on your part.


You name it, we design it. Our amazing designer creates and makes images and words come alive in a way that will make you and your customers feel the design happening before your eyes.

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Whether it's a new business, total rebranding, or a little sprucing up that your company needs, we learn your story so that your customers know it too.

Marketing Strategy

New products, services, or whatever you want to get out there, we assure you every person walking down the street will want what you have to offer.
We sell you, not your product.


We get your name out there, you get a powerful customer base you were only able to dream of before.

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